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Do you have a Parent Portal Account??

If, you have multiple children in the school district, you will likely appreciate the functions of Parent Portal that allow you to use a single login to see a consolidated calendar view of your students’ assignments and grades.It also allows contact information to be updated by the parent such as; Household Information (Home
phone and address), Contact Preferences (emails added & updated, messaging preference), Family Members (Cell, Work, Other phone numbers, emails, and relationships, contact order).

Ask your schools front office personnel how to get your Parent Portal account!

Infinite Campus Mobile Portal App Setup Instructions:

1.  Download the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal App
2.  District Name: Butts
3.  Select a State: Georgia
4.  Click on Search
5.  Click on Butts County
6.  Enter Username 
7.  Enter Password
8.  Click on Login


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